My Products and Offerings

My Products and Offerings


Photography: 10 Year of Nature Photography Experience

Internet Radio Station

I will be soon be posting a schedule of live Broadcasts. You can listen to over 4 hours of my recording of my jazz trio and other music that I have recorded or produced.

2024 Hummingbird Calendar featuring Hummingbirds photographed in Portland and Neskowin Oregon.

2024 Oaks Bottom Calendar featuring photos from Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge.

Relaxing Nature Music Videos

Features some free content to the public.

Nature Revive Documentary

Every Sunday at 8pm Pacific Standard Time. Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of nature like never before in our stunning documentary. Featuring breathtaking images and photos accompanied by enchanting music, immerse yourself in the wonders of the natural world and discover the true essence of our planet’s beauty. An 80 minute compilation of the docuseries.

Documentary Series Preview

View The Full Documentary

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